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Reversed buckets from 15 to 43 in.
Ditch-digging buckets
Pushing buckets for loading
Rotating trunk loading pusher
Ripper hook
Hydraulic hammer on the arm
Mowing bar and hydraulic rotating mower
Hydraulic drill
Submersed pumps
Front buckets 91 in.
Grading blade
Grapple front bucket
Trunk forks
Mixing buckets
Pushing buckets 4 in 1
Pallet forks


    • Four Cylinder Perkins, 1004-40T 244 cubic in., TURBOCHARGED, "Fastram" direct injection for the highest energy savings and environmental respect, water-cooled. Max. Power (ISO 14396) - 80.5 KW (108 HP) at 2400 R.P.M. Max. Torque 385 Nm at 1400 R.P.M.
    • Rexroth hydrostatic, with closed circuit and variable displacement on the pump and on the motor. "Automotive" regulation on both pump and motor, for the maximum traction graduality in both directions. "Inching" pedal control for the regulation of the speed independently of the rotation speed of the diesel engine. Forward-Backward Driving electrical lever located under the steering wheel. Two ranges of speed on both Forward and Backward direction from 0 up to 16 mph.
    • Clark Hurth, both steering and driving, with epicycloidal reduction gears on the hubs; the fore one is fixed and the rear one is swinging ±10°. Self locking differential on rear axles, on fore axles as well on demand. Swing locking on rear axles by electric control.
    • Multiple disk brakes, in oil bath inside the axles.
    • Service brakes: on the four wheels with pedal servo-assisted control.
    • Parking brakes: on the front wheels, by electric control
    • Both Service and Parking Brakes are automatically on in case of lack of pressure in the hydraulic system
    • While operating, the brakes are used only when a bigger braking effort than the one provided by the hydrostatic transmission is required.
    • Four-wheel steering, hydraulic servo-assisted, with the possibility of choosing 3 different solutions from the cab:
      • - Rear-wheel steering for driving on roads
      • - Four-wheel steering on opposite sides
      • - Four-wheel steering on the same side (Creb steering)
    • Min. steering radius - inner part of the tires 79 in.
    • External tires min. steering radius 173 in.
    • Min. turns for total steering wheel 3.5.
    • Four wheels: 405 70 R20 on demand, 18 X 19.5 TS35 "stabilarge" on demand
    • Either bulldozer blade or two fore outriggers on the standard version. Two central outriggers more (on demand). Each outrigger is independent from the other and is electronically controlled.
    • Rexroth piston pump with variable delivery capacity and constant power adjustment for working operations at a oil flow of 169 qts./minute. Working pressure: 280 bar.
    • The full simultaneous movements are granted by use of "LOAD SENSING" proportional valves that, coupled to the two variable displacement pumps allows to reset the pumps' displacement when no operative movement is required. Hydro-guide and swinging gear pump with delivery capacity 39 qts./min. Working pressure 200 bar.
    • The working controls are servo-assisted with two cross manipulators directly on the armrests of the chair, actuation of the first arm, second boom, rotation, excavation boom and bucket have priority.
    • The controls of the side excavator and supplemental users can be chosen by an electric push-button on the same controls.
    • Servo-assisted controls for maneuvering the stabilizers and fast tool fitting, servo-assisted, are independent and with electric control.
  • CAB
    • The windows all over the cab, including the ceiling, grant the complete view in all directions, and the opening of the door and the window on the rear side offer the aerification. The driver and maneuvere comfort is given by the ergonomic seat and by the regulation depending on the weight and height of the operator; moreover by the checking instruments of the lighting system both for the traffic and for working. The front windshield wiper with electrical glass-washer, the rotating lamp, the rear view mirror complete the standard equipment of this machine.
      • Quick coupling for equipment replacement
      • Hydraulic lateral digging arm
      • Four anti-fall valve set
      • Heating system
      • 1st Additional hydraulic system for outfits
      • Self locking fore differentials
      • Hydraulic hammer
      • Air conditioned system
      • 2nd Additional hydraulic system for outfits
      • Rubber inserts for stabilizers
      • Hydraulic hand hammer
      • Centralized greasing/oversize tires

Max. height 120 in.
Max. width 92 in.
Max. length 196 in.
Weight as digging machine 24,251 lbs.
Weight as loader 35,353 lbs.

Buckets width 15 - 43 in.
Teeth breaking force 14,551 lbs.
Teeth penetration 7,562 lbs.

Forks length 47 in.
Loading capacity at max. radius 2,866 lbs.
Loading capacity at min. radius 6,614 lbs.
Loading capacity at max. radius 4,409 lbs.
Loading capacity at min. radius 8,818 lbs.
N.B. When the machine is equipped with forks or height adjustments hook, it is necessary to apply four anti-fall valves.

Buckets width 92 in.
Teeth breaking force 10,825 lbs
Teeth penetration 10,318 lbs.